Inside the Otterspool cafè…

The Old Cafè in Otterspool Park, where the house of John Moss once stood

‘Otterspool House’ the once grand home of “John Moss” stood In Otterspool park, South Liverpool. The house was demolished in 1931, leaving stone steps and the raised stone terrace that we see today as the only clues that such a house existed. The house was originally built alongside the “Otters Pool”, a tidal creek where the sunken field opposite is today. The Otters Pool was fed from the aincient river River Jordan that flows from Sefton Park Lake and out into the River Mersey.

On that raised stone terrace where the grand house once stood, is the old Octagonal Cafè building, which has sadly been closed for many years. Those of a more senior age, may remember the children’s television series “Why Don’t You” being fimed in here during the 1980’s. I personally remember having an ice cream from here when I was a child.

Sadly, this small but atractive, building has lain empty for many years and is now quite dilapidated, being at the mercy of vandals. Whilst this may not be a historically important building, it would be nice to see it saved and given a new lease of life, before it collapses or gets burned to the ground. You can see it was once a lovely & well constructed building in its day.

Whilst walking the dog in the park, I passed the café as I often do, only to find that the building had been broken into. Two of its doors and the security paneling had been ripped off to gain access. This has sadly revealed the ruined state of it’s interior. There are still some visible signs of this building’s past as a Café.

I have to say, i didnt stay inside too long to take more pictures for fear of what dust was inside…

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Inside the Otterspool cafè… | © Chris Iles – 2022

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