Aerial view of the Pillar of Hercules and the Wapping Cutting…

Aerial view of the Pillar of Hercules & the Wapping Cutting, Edge Hill, Liverpool

A short video, shot with the kind permission of St Anne’s school, Edge Hill for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Trust. The aim of which was to record and document the ‘Pillar of Hercules’, a remnant of the original Liverpool to Manchester Railway’s infrastructure. The pillar of Hercules was originally one of two large 110ft chimneys that once stood at the end of the Wapping Cutting, above the tunnel Portals.

The main chimney, which has long since been demolished, leaves just this square base visible. You can still see where the chimney would have stood and how the inside of the structure has now been taken over by nature. The high drone viewpoint, also gives an interesting view looking down into the historic Wapping Cutting beyond the original 1830 wall in the school yard.

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