Beneath Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Beneath Renshaw Street, Liverpool

A look into a small subterranean passage found beneath the Dispensary Pub and what was once a former tyre fitting garage on Renshaw street, Liverpool City Centre. Sadly, I dont know if these still exist or been filled in since the new development has happened there.

This small underground area consisted of a passage with bricked up doors and windows, within which, led further under Renshaw street above. The passage led at one end into a square room, where in the upper corner was a bricked up tunnel entrance as can be clearly seen. The tunnel headed up the hill under the buildings on Leece Street and Hardman Street towards the Fly in the Loaf and Philharmonic pub’s.

Photographs within the small but interesting underground passages, found under Renshaw Street, Liverpool. The bricked in Tunnel continues up hill, up Leece St and Hardman Street towards the Fly in the Loaf and Philharmonic pub

The original building, that once stood on Baltimore Street, just opposite the side entrance of the ‘Fly in the Loaf’ pub was demolished around 2008. This revealed the existence of what definitely looked like the continuation of the sealed up tunnel entrance beneath Renshaw Street.

Where did this tunnel lead and what was its purpose? Who knows…

This photo was only taken using a mobile phone, but it clearly show the brick built arch of a tunnel behind the wooden steps.

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Beneath Renshaw Street, Liverpool

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