Wapping Cutting & Tunnel, Edge Hill, Liverpool

Wapping Cutting & Tunnel, Edge Hill, Liverpool

I have been fortunate to be able to organise official access into the Wapping and Crown street Tunnels as well as the Wapping Cutting on several occasions for different organisations and on one occasion a TV company.

The images were taken in the Wapping Cutting, Wapping Tunnel & 1829 Crown Street Tunnel, Edge Hill, Liverpool, over several different visits into both ends of the Wapping Tunnel.

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Wapping Cutting & Tunnel, Edge Hill, Liverpool

5 responses to “Wapping Cutting & Tunnel, Edge Hill, Liverpool”

  1. Hello I used to go down these tunnels years ago we’re does the steam shaft go to the right hand side tunnel. I no the left side went towards the wrapping tunnel inside the wall did the other way go to what is now the edge hill train station ?


    • Yes, I believe it went towards the station and towards the church that once stood on Tunnel Road. I didn’t get that far though to know for sure. But I belive it was connected to the the station area. A fascinating place 😀👍


      • Another question how did you get to the other side of the flooded wrapping tunnel did you go through the wood yard as always wonderd if you could get through on that side ? Have looked over the triangle wall by Jamaica street


      • We have been given access on several occasions to both ends of the Wapping, The amazing Wapping Cutting end at Edge Hill and the at the far end on Kings Dock St 😀


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