Standedge Canal Tunnel

Standedge Canal Tunnel

The Standedge Tunnel is the longest and deepest canal tunnel in Britain, at 5,675 yards (5,189 m) long, 636 feet (194 m) underground at its deepest point and 643 feet (196 m) above sea level.

Opened in 1811, taking 17 years to construct, finally being closing to commercial boats in 1916. Thankfully, the Tunnel was restored and reopened once again for boaters and tourists in 2001.

The Standedge canal Tunnel is an amazing engineering achievement, using completely different techniques throughout its entire length. The journey through this very small gauge Tunnels takes approx 2 hours today.

This series of photographs, taken with an Nikon D300 in 2011, show just how the canal Tunnel changes in its construction style as you progress through its 3.2 mile length.

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Standege canal Tunnel | © Chris Iles – 2022

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