ISS and the Moon…

ISS and the Moon…

A big bright full moon is generally nice to see in the night sky, but during November 2020 the International Space Station (ISS) could be seen speeding across the night sky and passing in front of the near full moon. The video below, shows the ISS on it’s flight path, passing in front of the Moon. The video is made from a series of still images taken over approximately 1½ minutes.

I did fear it would not have been possible to view, never mind photograph, given that there was so much cloud that evening. But I set the camera up just in case and luckily the cloud did clear sufficiently and just in time to be able to watch as the ISS sped across the night sky towards the moon.

The ISS speeds across the night sky, from the top right hand corner on its journey past the moon.

ISS zooming towards the moon

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ISS and the Moon…

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