Futurist Cinema, Lime Street

Futurist Cinema, Lime Street

This lovely old Cinema once stood on Lime Street, sadly being finally demolished in 2016, despite a campaign by Heritage Organisations to save it.

The Cinema was opened in 1912 as the “Lime Street Picture House”. Being the most advanced Cinema in Liverpool at that time. There was seating for 1,029 person’s as well as a full orchestra to accompany the silent films of those early years.

The cinema was renamed the “Futurist” in October 1920 and finally closed its doors in 1982. There followed over 3 decades of neglect, where the building structure suffered greatly. Finally, following a failed legal battle to save the Futurist, or at the very least it’s lovely Georgian styled Facade, the building was finally demolished in August 2016. These images are an important reminder of the once lovely building, that stood on this site.

I was privileged to be given official access to Photograph the interior of the Former Cinema in October 2015. The visit was arranged specially to record the inside of this lovely building just before its planned demolition. These are most probably the last official images taken inside the Futurist before it was lost forever…

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Futurist Cinema, Lime Street

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