ABC Cinema, Lime Street

On the day of my visit to the Futurist Cinema, I was thrilled to also be given access to the second rather special cinema building on Lime Street. The Former ABC Cinema, Lime Street, Liverpool opened in 1931 as the ‘Forum’ until 1971 when it was renamed the ABC. Sadly the Cinema finally closed in 1998, and this lovely building g has remained derelict ever since.

Development was promised for the building 2016, with exciting plans drawn up, which would see the building turned into a music venue. Sadly, this has not happened as promised, so the building remains in empty.

Thankfully, the building is in surprisingly good condition, given that it has been empty since 1998. This is in part because work has been carried out by Liverpool City Council to waterproof the building, which will have helped slow its deterioration.

However, action is needed to save this building before its condition deteriorates to the point that it ends up yet as yet another casualty, resultingnin its demolition as hapened to the Futurist Cinema.

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ABC Cinema, Lime Street | © Chris Iles – 2022

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