Infra-Red Photography

One of my favourite forms of photography has to be Infra-Red. In the good old days of film cameras, It wasn’t the easiest form of imaging. On the camera, you had to use a ‘Black’ filter which essentially stopped visible light from entering the camera. Meaning of course you can’t see through the viewfinder after the filter is attached. Then because the camera is only recording invisible light, the focus point is slightly different to what we see.

Though with Digital cameras, it is far easier. After having a camera converted to stop visible light at the shooting stage, you use the camera, just like like you would a normal camera.

All these Infra-Red photos are taken with my trusty old Nikon D200 which I have had converted to Infra-Red. It can now not see visible light, only the invisible Infra-Red spectrum.

Get great results relatively easily.

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