About Me

I’m passionate about photography and always have been, I love using today’s modern digital cameras, my current Nikon D850 and D800 both being amazing cameras. I also love my old but trusty, Nikon D200 which I have had specially converted to Infra-Red. Infra-Red photography has always fascinated me, though in film days, using Infra-Red film was more complcated than it is today with a converted digital camera.

I miss the good old days of film photography and the process of creating your finished image. Photographing your subject is just the start of the process. The fun then continues in the dark room, with the processing of your film and then finally watching as the image gradually appears on the paper, a magical moment. Producing a finished print was a wonderful and fascinating process from start to finish.

I used to use, but still have 2 classic Nikon FA’s and the amazing medium format Zenza Bronica SQ-A. These are old but trusty workhorses, shame I have not used them in a long time. I must get them out one day…

Ah, the Good days…

After I left school, I studied Photography and whilst doing so, my lecturer entered me into a competition run by the BIPP or ‘British Institute of Professional Photography’.

I was delighted to be awarded a ‘First Merit’ in the national student category.

I have had the pleasure of being a Volunteer, Trustee, Guide and photographer for the Registered Charity, ‘Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels’ for almost 20 years now. It has been a wonderful experience working on the Tunnels, exploring Joseph Williamson’s Subterranean kingdom, taking many photographs during this time.

I am also involved in the “Liverpool & Manchester Railway Trust”. We are determined to get Liverpool’s Railway Heritage recognised and apreciated by the world. Liverpool, the birthplace of the Railways.

I have worked on the Railway from 1985 as a Drivers Assistant then as a Driver, originally for British Rail. But presently, I’m a Virgin Train Driver based at Liverpool Lime Street.

I am Proud of my home city of Liverpool, its History, Heritage and it’s Architecture.

I love Photographing all things Subterranean, our Heritage, Architecture, Landscape and other interesting things…

My web site is continually growing, as I have time to add to it. Please do come back again soon.

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